Our Purpose

Executive Coaching. BR2C consultants work closely on contract basis with senior management of the organization. Working daily to guide, coach and being the counterpart to assist the executives to perform in the company.

Corporate Direction Meetings. BR2C consultants are highly experienced in facilitating the Board of Management in setting organizational mission, vision, and strategy. By the end of the workshop, the company will also obtain the strategic deployment plan.

Business Process Management. BR2C will assist the clients in setting up business process management to implement the corporate direction into actions though out the entire organization.

Multi Stakeholders Meetings. BR2C consultants are highly experienced in setting up facilitation services for meeting of more than 100 stakeholder-participants. Some issues concerning Strategic alignment, Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental and Social Project Implementation Planning, or Government Policies Ratification Plan are some areas that use this service.

Master Trainers program. A 3 months contract of training master trainers so they are able to create training programs, train other trainers and design training program set ups.

Excellent Facilitation program. A training program for mid-upper management on how to effectively facilitate business process management, decision making processes and conflict management for their organization.

Various tailor-made training programs, including professional coach, leadership, time management, communication, presentation skills, customer service and introduction to business process management.