• In 2011, BR2C moderated two workshops for the Bayer Group in Indonesia with 8 and up to 100 participants. The BR2C facilitators linked very professionally the company mission and values with the workshop objectives and were able to provide a very good balance of content-driven discussion and team building exercises. The workshops had an eye-opening messages, take home messages and well structure action points for each participant Bayer
  • Leading a big organization like Handrolled Manufacturing with different stakeholders in Sampoerna is a challenging task for me. With the facilitation workshop, BR2C helped me to understand the stakeholders' interests and make all the stakeholders to work together towards the direction that I want. What makes BR2C different is the way they can build the trust and engage everyone from various key stakeholders so they are willing to participate and contribute. Lucia Nani Lucida (HR Director, PT. HM Sampoerna)
  • I feel what makes BR2C stands out among other facilitators or education service providers is their ability to have a quick understanding about the group dynamic, adapt themselves to the audience and capture the audience?s feeling, mood and aspiration. Debora Herawati Sadrach - Unilever Indonesia